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Thursday, April 14, 2022

The Art of Self-Supervision: Studying the Link Between Self-Reflection and Self-Care by Laurie Ponsford-Hill - Book Tour - Exclusive Excerpt - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hello, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host Laurie Ponsford-Hill and her new book, “The Art of Self-Supervision: Studying the Link Between Self-Reflection and Self-Care,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

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The Art of Self-Supervision:

Studying the Link Between Self-Reflection and Self-Care

by Laurie Ponsford-Hill


GENRE:  Self-Help, Non-Fiction



At last, the field of relational therapy has a technique for the art of self-supervision. Everyone agrees that supervision is essential, however the ultimate goal of supervision is to provide a tool beyond supervision for self-supervision. This book captures the primary ingredients of self-supervision and proves the link between self-reflection and self-care. No matter where you are on your journey as a professional, The Art of Self-Supervision: Studying the link between self-reflection and self-care will lead you to a process to tune into your own expert guidance and a greater capacity to help yourself.



As children, we begin to draw to communicate our experience and make sense of the world. We begin to construct ourselves through art. This section explores how, as adults, we continue to construct ourselves and make sense of the world, and how that process of self-construction is undergirded through art.

Cederboum (2009) discusses that the ego is the ‘I’ of the conscious part of the mind of both internal and external activity, while the self is made up of the inner subconscious part of the psyche. She describes that, with the use of the artistic process, the supervising eye of the superego is removed so that what was once subconscious can become conscious, allowing the individual the ability to begin to self-explore. The use of art allows the individual to attain the insight needed to clearly see the self.

Lowenfeld and Brittain (1975) observe that drawings provide good indications of growth, by depicting the individual’s gradual progression from an egocentric point of view to awareness of self as part of a larger environment. They suggest that a positive self-concept ameliorates the individual’s ability to learn, adding that drawings essentially contain representations of the self and its feelings. The authors discuss Machover (1949), who observed that individuals project their own personalities into their drawings of the self. From the drawings, the individual can reflect on both internal and external dynamics.

Lowenfeld and Brittain (1975) suggest that the act of self-portraiture reflects one’s ability to face oneself. They add that this activity may reveal developmental delays, noting that identifying such delays could greatly facilitate therapeutic changes in self-concept. One explanation for not using self-portraiture, as a tool for assessing developmental delays, is that most of us discontinue drawing between the ages of 12 and 17. Another reason might be that the artist associates drawing with an idealised time in the past or with a difficult time, in which the individual remains stuck (de Botton & Armstrong, 2014).

Adults also bring their child self along with them into adulthood. As Erikson (1980) points out, adults need to be creative, to generate, and to struggle against stagnation (p. 166). Dewdney and Nicholas (2011) add,

Although adults develop qualities of the self and have different qualities and abilities from when they were children, they still have a child self. This child does not fade away with time, but rather plays a powerful role in the formation of the adult self. (p. xvi)



Like many therapists, Laurie Ponsford-Hill began as a newly graduated therapist feeling like she could provide her services all day, every day. She realized at a certain point in her career that this was simply not true, and this fueled her determination to understand everything about the need to maintain balance in her life.

Laurie earned a Master of Divinity degree, and directed her work towards pastoral care, later earning a Master of Counselling Psychology degree and furthering her Registrations to that of Psychotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker, and Art Therapist. Her career led her to a greater understanding about herself and her relationships. Laurie continued to broaden her education and went on to complete a doctoral program in Human Relationships at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary.

Laurie feels fortunate to have attained balance in her work and home life and empathizes with many others engaged in their own personal struggles to attain balance. She has dedicated her career towards helping others on that journey, designing the Self-Supervision program, which was meticulously tested in this clinical research study. The Art of Self-Supervision: Studying the link between self-supervision and self-care chronicles the remarkable findings of this study: that professionals can overcome burnout and improve their health and life balance by focusing on their self-portrait.

Laurie is currently the Clinical Director and Supervisor at The Counselling House, in both London and Woodstock, Ontario, an agency that focuses on the supervision of counselling interns and newly graduated therapists, and their development of self-supervision. Laurie maintains a private consulting practice specializing in the development of maintaining healthy relationships with self, work, home, others, God, and the world.





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