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About Me

Hi, my name is Ally, I am 32-years-old, and live in the Portland, Oregon area.  I am the proud adopted mother of two rescue cats, Dolce, 8-years-old and a Russian Blue, and Bailey, 3-years-old and Half Russian Blue/Half Siberian.  Also, I puppy sit for a 1-year-old Half Lab/Half Australian Shepherd named Marley.  Yes, you will find lots of cute and silly pictures and posts of my girls on my blog and social media accounts as they are like my kids.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Community Health/Urban Planning from Portland State University.  Go Vikings!  I am also a sorority sister of Phi Sigma Sigma and even though I am now alumni status, I still try to keep in touch with my sisters and keep active with the chapter.

I love helping others and often volunteer with several local organizations.  I have an obsession with shopping and coffee.  I believe both are cures and can help solve problems and relieve stress.

When I'm not shopping or drinking coffee, I often attend sporting events such as Trailblazers, Seahawks, Vikings, Ducks, and Winterhawks games.  I love concerts and aim to attend one every month.  I am also passionate about movies and belong to several movie clubs that screen and preview movies before they are released.  In addition, I enjoy a multitude of book genres and have recently started reading and reviewing advanced review copies (ARCs) for author's promotional tours and book endorsements.

I enjoy testing new products and writing reviews.  I try to lead an active life and do yoga/pilates on a daily basis.  My latest focus is getting back into working out more and I will be creating a fitness page on my blog to help keep track of my weight loss data and help inspire others.

I love writing about new products, fashion, beauty, make-up, skincare, coffee, celebrity gossip, my girls, pet health, fitness trends, diet tips, recipes, gadgets, travel, local entertainment, and so much more!!

Thanks for checking out my blog!!

Hope you stay awhile! <3


  1. Hello. You are hosting my book this week. I see that you like cats and like to volunteer. I'm a volunteer with Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc. (ARF) in Tulsa. I have several rescued dogs and I foster dogs for them. Thanks for taking the time to feature books on your blog. Do you ever read any of them?

  2. Ally, GO DUCKS! I went to the U of O. It's a gorgeous campus and I miss it. All the best.

  3. Ally,
    Other than the usual "thank you" for hosting my book, THE ART OF BREATHING, I wanted to add a personal note to tell you what a great job you do and how much I appreciate the help in getting the word out there about my newest release. You're terrific and I greatly appreciate the hard work you put into your promotions. Janie

  4. Hi Ally. First off I want to thank you for hosting me today. I really appreciate your help in getting my book out there. Also, what a beautiful website. I feel kind of like I'm swimming in a beautiful part of the sea!

  5. Hi Ally, greetings from sunny Windsor, England. Thank you so much for hosting our novel Riverside Lane by Ginger Black. We love your website and applaud all the work you are doing helping animals and in your local community. Wonderful stuff! Best wishes Gaynor Pengelly