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Thursday, July 27, 2023

Reflections on the Boulevard by L.J. Ambrosio - Book Tour - Author Interview - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hello, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host L.J. Ambrosio AKA Louis J. Ambrosio and his new book, “Reflections on the Boulevard,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on his Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

Be sure to make it to the end of this post to enter to win a $20 Amazon OR Barnes and Noble Gift Card OR a Signed Hardcover Copy of the Featured Book!!  That’s right – there will be TWO lucky winners!!  Also, come back daily to interact with L.J. AKA Louis and to increase your chances of winning!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Wishing you all lots of good luck in this fabulous giveaway!!

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Reflections on the Boulevard

Reflections of Michael Trilogy

Book Two

by L.J. Ambrosio


GENRE:  Coming of Age



Michael's story continues from A Reservoir Man (2022) where we find him teaching at a university ready to retire. He unexpectedly meets a young man named Ron who becomes his protégé and journeys with him in a haphazard adventure throughout America and Europe. In Michael's final journey in life, each twist and turn of the road brings unexpected adventures. The journey taken is one of joy, friendship, and discovery.



On one particularly bumpy part of the trail, Michael assured Ron.

"You look great and natural on that mule! Like Gene Autry!” Ron was falling over now, off the mule. Ron had some choice language for Michael. After a minute he also asked, “Who is Gene Autry?”

“He was the cowboy who sang 'Don’t Fence Me In'!”

The mule train proved to be extraordinary. The views were spectacular; being inside the canyon was the best. The formation of the rocks was either tilted, straight, or flat. The horizontal layers of rocks produced the colors yellow, red, and blue. The mule and Ron were no problem; he was a natural mule rider. Thank heavens he told the mule about his relationship with Rhonda - that was the key to their bonding. Ron had a wonderful time, even if his butt was in pain. He felt the saddle was still attached to his bottom even after they left.

They found a bench looking at their incredible view of the North Rim. Michael turned to Ron telling him how nice and cool their friendship was. Michael agreed.

“I had so many friends and partners, but I was never able to have as much fun and conversations as I have had with you, Ron.”

“Partners like Gail, your former business partner?" Ron asked.

Michael playfully responded, "No, like loving, and those other things.”



Good morning L.J. Ambrosio!!  Welcome back to Fabulous and Brunette!!  We are thrilled to have you here and can’t wait to learn more about you and your new book, “Reflections on the Boulevard”!!

How did your book cover come about?

I contracted a young man from India.. We communicated solely by email doing the front and back covers. He did a brilliant job –he is currently doing the third book that will be coming soon.

What is your favorite scene in the book?

In the first chapter, how easily the ferry ride brings you into the story. I hope to do the same on the upcoming book as well.

What is the inspiration behind your main hero?

Michael's journey began in the first book of the trilogy, THE RESERVOIR MAN. He beats the reservoir man and finds his truth, which frees him, as it would everyone. t book –he beats the reservoir man and finds his truth –the finding of his truth frees him as it would do for everyone.  Michael Is not a hero but an antihero in its most classical definition. What I find is the battle to find their truth and fighting off all those reservoir guys and girls.

What media outlets, role-models and real-life inspirations did you draw from while writing this book?

The role model was me and the people I encountered in my journey.

What do you love the most about the local library?

The stillness is calming, and I find it's the best place to meditate.

What is one of your favorite things in your office?

A candle.

How do you create fierce female characters?

There is no formula for a female character; if you think this way you are restricting your creative freedom.  The female character should just evolve as all the other characters.

Tell us about your main character.

He is sensitive, determined, looking for answers, bright, understanding, and he has polite eating habits. He has a great need for adventure and can multitask.  The main thing, he respects the guy next door.

How do you deal with rejection as a writer?

Become a duck and let it roll off your back. Don’t believe that dark cloud. Understand what the person is saying and then reject it. Think of something else other than what horrible thing was said. Please, don’t care. Screw them all.

What are the five musts for writing a bestseller?

Good story

Fun language

Strong characters

Great locations—even if is a room

Honest and good honest research

What music do you like to listen to while writing?

Leonard Cohen, lots of disco.

Where do you find inspiration?

Nature inspires me, in the redemption of people and the human condition.

What's it like to share your most personal words with the world?

I don’t care. I am glad to be honest and if giving it as a part of me like that could help the next person that is great.

Thank you so much for spending time with Fabulous and Brunette readers and sharing your exciting new book with us!!  We wish you all the best on your book tour!!



Louis J. Ambrosio ran one of the most nurturing bi-coastal talent agencies in Los Angeles and New York. He started his career as a theatrical producer, running two major regional theaters for eight seasons. Ambrosio taught at seven universities. Ambrosio also distinguished himself as an award-winning film producer and novelist over the course of his impressive career.

















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