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Monday, October 17, 2022

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters by Diane Hatz - Book Tour - Guest Post - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hi, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host Diane Hatz and her new book, “Rock Gods & Messy Monsters,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

Be sure to make it to the end of this post to enter to win a $20 Amazon OR Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!  Also, come back daily to interact with Diane and to increase your chances of winning!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Wishing you all lots of good luck in this fabulous giveaway!!

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters

by Diane Hatz


GENRE:   Satire, Humor, Absurdist, Contemporary Fiction



Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is one woman's search for herself among the blood-soaked walls, dangling body parts, and alien-hatched explosions inside Acht Records.

It’s the 1990s. Alex arrives to work at Acht, her improbable blonde hair streaked stress magenta and anger black. Her first duty is to wipe blood off her boss’s walls, to clean up his blood vessel explosion. It goes downhill from there.

On the surface, Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is a story about life inside an entertainment company. A cast of comedic characters exemplifies the inner workings of Acht, where power and greed mask incompetence.

A series of escapades involve Alex, a hard-working, lower-level employee desperately trying to get promoted. When she does, she realizes her dream is a nightmare. Corporate executives are busy working with aliens to manufacture a half-human, half-robot superstar. At the same time, one of the doubly-named Senior Senior Executive Presidents attempts to overthrow the Deity in charge.

Underneath and between the lines of exploding body parts and brain extractions, Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is a cautionary tale. It reminds us that our dreams can be illusions, and learning who we really are takes courage and a commitment to self-love.

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The blood didn't bother Alex but cleaning it up made her angry.

"Damn it," she cursed aloud as she surveyed the red stained walls and coagulated mounds of Langley ooze around her boss' corner office.

Alex returned to her desk, her wildly improbable blonde hair already streaked stress magenta and anger black. It was coming to an end; Alex had to get out of her job. But with the worldwide recession and lines of job applicants she saw every day on her way into the building, she was lucky to have a job, especially in a major record company.

Alex put her backpack on the floor and unzipped the side of her head. She reached in and pulled out her brain, placing the throbbing gray matter in the customized, faux crystal cerebrum urn Acht Records had supplied her with her first day at the company. She had fought the procedure at first, refused to sign the Cerebrum Extraction Release form, but with times being as hard as they were, and with the knowledge that she had spent over six months unemployed before being offered this job, Alex knew she had no choice.

And after wandering through the homogenous maze of Acht, up and down forty floors of identical gray hallways and glaring fluorescent lights, she had realized she would be better off if she removed all traces of thought and intelligence before commencing employment at the company.



Five Reasons You Should Read My Book

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is an absurdist satire, full of humor and surrealism, but with a much deeper truth running throughout. A friend read the novel earlier in the year and quit her job immediately after finishing the book. She’s now pursuing her true passion. Another friend emailed last week to say she read the book and then bought herself a desk. It was her commitment to start her writing career.

Here are five reasons why you should read Rock Gods & Messy Monsters:

1.)  You will be inspired. After reading the book, several people like those above contacted me to say they’ve changed their life (quit jobs, committed to pursuing their passions, etc.). Will you be next?

2.)  You will be entertained. Kirkus Reviews (the gold standard of editorial reviews) calls Rock Gods & Messy Monstersa fast-paced, entertaining comic treat.” Independent Book Review exclaims that the book “fans itself into a bonfire of dark-humored satire increasingly relevant with each passing day.” Midwest Book Review commented that a “wry sense of dark humor permeates the story as its characters evolve.”

3.)  Humor has health benefits. According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter has many health benefits, including improving your immune system, relieving pain, and lowering stress, depression, and anxiety. Laughter can also help improve your self-esteem.

How can you not read this book? Rock Gods & Messy Monsters has health benefits!

4.)  We all need heroes and people to emulate. The main character Alex is a beacon of hope for anyone who feels stuck in corporate work insanity but doesn’t know what to do. Her tenacity and courage are a guidepost others can follow. She can be your companion as you weave your way through your career.

5.)  You will see you are not alone. If you’ve ever been frustrated with your job, Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is for you. The story shows how inhumane and soul-crushing corporate culture can be for those not at the top echelons. The novel is fiction but is based on author Diane’s experiences working in the music industry. What happens in the book could happen in any work environment, no matter the industry or field.

So there you have it—five compelling reasons to get your copy of Rock Gods & Messy Monsters today.

Why are you waiting? It’s only a click away!



Diane Hatz worked at major and indie record companies, managed a band, and freelanced as a music publicist. She is co-founder of The Relay, a fanzine on The Who, which is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She’s attended thousands of concerts.

Diane has a Masters in Creative Writing and is currently focused on writing fiction. Her book Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is currently available from most online retailers.  Her substack “Next Draft with Diane Hatz” is a newsletter for creatives looking inward. And some writing stuff. 

During her sometimes-surreal career, Diane founded the nonprofit Change Food, worked to shut down factory farms, organized & spoke at major TED/TEDx events, and executive produced The Meatrix, a Webby Award winner. She has studied with many spiritual teachers, including The Dalai Lama.

In late 2020, after 30 years living in downtown Manhattan and the East Village, Diane moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. When not at her computer creating, you can find her hiking, road tripping, or breathing in all the beauty the Southwest has to offer.






















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