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Thursday, August 25, 2022

A Light Beam for Faith: The Making of A Restorer by E.K. Highland - Book Tour - Book Review - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hey, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host E.K. Highland and her new book, “A Light Beam for Faith: The Making of A Restorer,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

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Thanks for stopping by!!  Wishing you all lots of good luck in this fabulous giveaway!!

A Light Beam for Faith:

The Making of A Restorer

by E.K. Highland


GENRE:  Science Fiction



She's not waiting for a hero to come save her; instead, she becomes her own heroine. Hazel's world comes crashing in front of her in an instant during a family trip to Mont-Tremblant. What she doesn't know is that she is from the stars, and so it's no wonder she must return in order to find the answers she seeks.

She embarks on a trek aboard the Imperial Bona Fides, the mothership of the Alpha Cygnians people. With the help of her best friend Zita, and the others she will meet along the way, she will journey to places she never knew existed. Hazel will learn to tame her fears and become the woman she wants to be.

This is the story of different worlds that must learn to co-exist. They must all put their differences aside, and with a bit of faith they will all witness a new dawn. We are all compelled to be inspired when faith is with us.

This story is for anyone who enjoys what we look for when we wish to get away in a sci-fi fantasy book. You will live vicariously through the energetic characters as they go on through their incredible first trek. There is a sense of youthfulness and coming of age in this story that makes it a great read and appealing to a wide audience with the implemented strong characters and exciting action.



The plan was that Dad would be coming to Earth to meet us in three days exactly. The coordinates he gave me were outside the city in a field off Highway 416 West. I had to gather myself and be a big girl because this situation was becoming unbelievable. Zita looked at me and started to cry with happiness. Oh yeah, she is an ugly crier, too. It was almost like she could not contain all her emotions, and she let them out like an avalanche. I said to her jokingly, “How can such a gorgeous girl like you have such an ugly cry?!” She hugged me and held me tight for a minute.

“Thank you, Zita. I love you. Thank you for being my friend and not abandoning me,” I said to her. She replied to me with a big kiss on the cheek: “I wouldn’t be anywhere else, but here with you,” she said. She was truly a gift in my life; a sister I chose myself.

I didn’t know where to begin, but I knew that if we had any chance at fixing this ordeal, my dad was our single hope. We had two days to prepare ourselves for whatever was to come. We continued to live life as usual and remained lowkey and avoided interacting with the neighbors. We parked the car inside the garage to avoid attention. Of course, my aunt would have questions if she suspected our presence so we avoided her as well, but by then, Dad would have arrived. Dad had given me a list of things to bring with me and told me how to handle myself. I had no choice but to follow his orders.



This book is full of intrigue, mystique, allure, and enchantment!!

This book quickly grabs a hold of the reader, pulling them into the story, and keeps them fully engaged to the last page!!

This book follows the main character, Hazel, a young girl about to embark on a life changing adventure after her mom is drugged, brainwashed, and manipulated, and her two sisters are kidnapped.

Hazel is no damsel in distress waiting to be saved.  She fully embodies the strong female protagonist role and tells an empowering coming-of-age story.

This book follows two rival planets battling it out over power, respect, prestige, leadership, etc.  This conflict screams of parallels to the democrats vs. republicans mentality that leads to an all-out war.

This book beams a light on co-existence, peace, unity, compromise, and finding middle ground.

I loved the author’s use of deep-rooted diversity and inclusive elements that she brings to the story.  The author’s progressive stance contributes to the broad range of characters, creatures, overall themes, and story lines.

While this book is set far away in the year 2334 and features heavy sci-fi story lines, there are surprisingly many relatable themes and characters.

This book is full of hidden messages revealing valuable life lessons, important teachings, and morals.

This book is both inspiring and encouraging with enlightened viewpoints, innovative forward-thinking, and dynamic revolutionary thoughts.

Furthermore, this book incites thought-provoking content related to the climate emergency crisis, such as: brainstorming ideas of effective ways to help make a difference, creating social awareness, promoting green/renewable energy, being conscious about environmental issues, and getting involved locally to do your part while also inspiring and educating others about the importance of climate breakdown.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this book and would absolutely recommend it!!  I think all science fiction readers, fans of diversity and inclusiveness books, and climate crisis activists will like this book too!!  So, add it to your TBR List and get to reading – you won’t be disappointed!!

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book and have voluntarily provided an honest and unbiased review in accordance with FTC regulations**

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E.K. Highland is a Haitian-Canadian first-time author who enjoys sci-fi and fantasy stories. The problem is, she wants to see more diversity in those genres. While growing up in Ottawa, Canada, she felt that books and television lacked representation of more Black characters.

Now she wants more characters who resemble her likeness as a Black woman in the science fiction and fantasy genre, as there are increasingly more Black authors who are writing science fiction and including characters of different color and ethnicity.

After attending the University of Ottawa in hopes of understanding English literature better, she decided to finally write her own sci-fi fantasy novel. And, you guessed it, the lead character resembles her because representation matters.















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  1. E.K. Highland ~ Good morning and welcome to FAB!! It is so great to have you here!! Congrats on your new book and good luck on the book tour!! I really enjoyed reading and reviewing your book, thanks for providing the copy!! :)

  2. Really nice cover and excerpt, looking forward to reading this!

  3. I love the cover. It immediately captured my attention.

  4. Hi Everyone! This is E.K. Highland I wanted to say a quick Hello 👋🏾 and thank you for connecting on social media! I appreciate your reposts, sharing, tweeting etc. And big thank you to Ally for the beautiful blog 🥰😘! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

  5. Does writing energize or exhaust you? Or both?

  6. It’s definitely both! A constant up and down roller-coaster of emotions. The end result is worth it though!

  7. Happy Saturday! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. A Light Beam of Faith sounds like an excellent science fiction book for me and the cover is great! Thanks for sharing it with me!

    Thanks, Fabulous and Brunette, for sharing your review!

    Have a sunshiny day!

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