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Tuesday, February 15, 2022

People of the Sun by Ben Gartner - Book Tour - Author Interview - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hi, lovelies!  It gives me great pleasure today to host Ben Garter and his new book, “People of the Sun,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on his Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

Be sure to make it to the end of this post to enter to win a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!!  Also, come back daily to interact with Ben and to increase your chances of winning!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Wishing you all lots of good luck in this fabulous giveaway!!

People of the Sun

by Ben Gartner


GENRE: Middle Grade, Action Adventure, Time Travel, Historical Fiction



The explosive reveal about who John and Sarah really are and why they’re traveling through time, with their most gut-wrenching challenge yet.

In the time of the Aztec, a scoundrel named Cortés arrives and the kids are forced to make an extremely difficult decision: If you could change history, should you? For more twists, more danger, and more fun, read the third book in The Eye of Ra series, People of the Sun!




The ground shook like the end of the world.

At least, that was how it felt to John, who had never experienced an earthquake while growing up in Colorado. And they’d only lived in Maryland for a month before taking this trip to California to visit their aunt. On their second day in the steep mountains of Santa Cruz, while hiking through an old-growth redwood forest that reminded John of a fairy tale, he suddenly felt woozy. But he wasn’t sick. His legs swayed like he was dancing the hula, as if the ground beneath his feet were the roiling sea. Birds took to the sky. Their aunt’s dog, Nickel, barked and snapped at the air, her ears tucked back and tail between her legs.

“Sarah?” John looked over to his sister and held out a hand to steady himself.

She wore the same expression of bewilderment for a moment, then realization dawned across her face. “Is this an earthquake? Cool!”

Her voice rose and fell with the waves just like her knees riding the shifting earth as if it were a skateboard or a pair of skis. Dander like fireflies floated down from the trees and sparkled in the sun’s rays.

“Earthquake,” Aunt Lorraine confirmed. “Just a little one. Hold on, it’ll end in—”

The earth eased to a halt.

“There ya go, all done.” Aunt Lorraine heaved a breath. “For now.”

“For now?!” John hunched over, ready to fall flat on the ground if it got any worse.



Good morning, Ben!!  Welcome back to Fabulous and Brunette!!  We are thrilled to have you here again and can’t wait to learn more about you, your new book, “People of the Sun,” and your new book series, “The Eye of Ra,” here on FAB!!

Do you have any tattoos?  Where? When did you get it/them? Where are they on your body?

I don’t have any tattoos, but I’ve always kind of wanted one. Call me fickle, but I just can’t land on something I’m willing to put on such a permanent pedestal. I’ve even thought about getting an eye of Ra, but…

Is your life anything like it was two years ago?

Well, this is sort of a loaded question “cuz COVID,” but at the same time much of my life is actually fairly the same as it was two years ago. I work remotely in the same job. Live in the same house with the same wife and the same kids. Though, my kids’ evolution in those two years has been a lot of fun to watch, and to participate in. Navigating COVID has been a challenge, but my kids are champions.

How long have you been writing?

I wrote a bunch as a kid and through college, then basically put it aside for years. Got a job, married, kids, then picked it back up again. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve been having a ball on this new journey.

What advice would you give a new writer just starting out?

Have fun. Don’t ever let that die. If you start putting too many expectations on yourself, you will kill the joy, and the writing will die with it. I know you will have expectations since that’s only human, but like a good meditator who keeps coming back to their breath when inevitably distracted, if you can come back to the “Have fun” mantra, you will keep that writing joy alive.

Tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.

Like the first two books, the specific era and location of ancient history was selected by my son. Specifically, he had just studied the Aztec in school and wanted to learn more. So, not only was it fun to research more with him, but it also made an obvious and easy tie-in to school curriculum!

Thank you for having me on your blog!

If people would like to learn more about me or my books, the best place to find me is my website:


I’m also active on Twitter:


A bit less on Instagram:


And I’m really bad at Facebook:


My books are available wherever books are sold! Again, thanks for having me.

Thank you, Ben, so much for spending time with Fabulous and Brunette readers and sharing your exciting new book and book series with us!!  We wish you all the best on your book tour!!



Ben Gartner is the award-winning author of The Eye of Ra time travel adventure series for middle graders. His books take readers for a thrilling ride, maybe even teaching them something in the meantime. Ben can be found living and writing near the mountains with his wife and two boys.















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Ben will be awarding a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card (Winner’s Choice!!!) to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter during the tour.

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  1. Ben ~ Good morning!! Welcome back!! It is so great to have you here again!! Congrats on your new book and good luck on the book tour!! :)

  2. Thanks for having me on your blog, Ally! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing the author's interview and book details, this sounds like an awesome read and I am looking forward to sharing this story with my grandchildren

  4. I enjoyed the interview. Are the books standalone reads?

    1. They can be read stand-alone, yes. But it does follow the story of John and Sarah chronologically (well, plus some time travel, heh) through book 1-3. But yes, I included enough info in each book such that you can read them alone too, if you prefer. And reviewers have backed me up on this. :)

  5. Great interview and I love the excerpt, Ben, People of the Sun sounds like an exciting read for the kids and I love the cover! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a beautiful day!

  6. Thanks for the great excerpt and interview. The book series sounds terrific. Love the cover!