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Thursday, February 10, 2022

A Spider in the Garden by Courtney Davis - Book Tour - Guest Post - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hey, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host Courtney Davis and her new book, “A Spider in the Garden,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

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A Spider in the Garden

by Courtney Davis


GENRE:  Paranormal Fantasy/Romance



Aranha is the last of her kind, a spider shifter who preys upon the dregs of society in an attempt to validate her existence and feed her hunger. She’s lived alone for two hundred years, no family and no friends; always watchful for those who would kill her.

Dag is one of a dying species, vampires who can walk in the day. They have lost their companions and live in dread of the day that they too will become extinct; leaving the earth to the vile creatures who prey upon humans without mercy.

Aranha sees danger in Dag’s face, Dag sees the future in hers. Neither can believe the other exists and their lives are about to get very complicated. Together they embark on a mission to save a young human from the vampires and learn the reality of what their two species were doing in The Garden of Eden.



“I’m Dag, and I am a daywalker. You are a webmaker and I don’t appreciate you sifting the thoughts of my paying customers.”

Aranha moved back and narrowed her eyes at the man. His skin was sun-kissed, his lips delicious and kissable, he even smelled like a sunny summer day. Of course he was a daywalker; a blood drinker who had the ability to withstand the light of the sun. “I thought you were extinct,” she said quietly. She’d never met one, but she didn’t doubt his words.

“If I was extinct, I wouldn’t be slinging beer in the depths of New York. Why are you here and why do you smell like werewolf?”

“I tracked a killer to your establishment; I intend to intercept him before he removes another innocent life from the planet.” She ignored the werewolf remark, she would protect Jonah at all costs.

He looked unconvinced. “You some kind of savior to these lowly humans?” He raised one eyebrow in a devilishly enticing way.

“They deserve to live as much as us, maybe more so…” she mumbled. “I have to eat, and the way I see it, if I take out a dirt bag instead of an innocent, then great.”



Making the Story Believable: How to Write Realistic Fantasy

I think the concept of a believable fantasy book is important to a lot of readers of urban fantasy, in particular. It is one of my favorite genres to read, which is why I write in it, and I like believability. I also think life is more interesting if you believe there's more going on than you know, so I start there with believability.

The number one question for me is how could this be going on in my neighborhood, my town, but I as a regular human not know? I make sure there are rules and regulations of some kind that keep the supernatural creatures from just being known about and why they aren't in control of the world with all their advanced abilities. Then I decide what my particular characters can do and how those abilities interact with the human world as well as their supernatural world, while still being able to go mostly unnoticed by humans. I think this leads to me stressing sometimes over details and boundaries I have set myself, but that's okay.

To make the characters themselves believable I think the key is restrictions on their powers and their weaknesses. No one character can be all powerful, but in contrast there is no problem with a character who is completely vulnerable. I was given the advice at some point, I can't remember by who, that the weaknesses are almost more important than the powers. It's what creates the struggle and the relatability. Gives the reader something to root for and worry over. And without that, there would be no story at all. I think it also makes them believable. No way could there really be an all-powerful creature living in our world but not taking over, there must be a weakness to keep them from that possibility and it's what adds to the believability of an urban fantasy.



Courtney Davis is an author of urban fantasy, paranormal, supernatural fiction with a little romance and humor thrown in. She loves creating worlds and exploring human, and inhuman, interaction. She lives in North Idaho with her husband and children where she teaches and enjoys time spent relaxing in the summer sun and winters by the fire. She has always had an affinity for reading and writing and a goal to make a career of it. There is no greater joy than to know her words took a reader out of reality for a time and into another world.













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  1. Thank you so much for having me today, I'd love to hear from readers, How important is realism in the fantasy you enjoy? What makes it lose that sense of, could be true, for you?

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    1. I'm glad you stopped in to check it out! And good luck with the contest!

  3. Great guest post and excerpt, Courtney, A Spider in the Garden sounds like a paranormal read that I can't pass up! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a fantastic day!

    1. I hope you don't pass it up! It really is a fun story.

  4. Thank you for sharing the blurb, the book sounds great

  5. The book sounds very intriguing. I love the cover (thoough I hate spiders).