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Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!  I seriously love this holiday!  Sadly a lot of black cats are overlooked for adoption.  I think today is a perfect way to celebrate how special these cats truly are!  Today is intended to help dispel age-old superstitions concerning black cats and bring the spotlight on providing forever homes for them.

Over the past years my family and I have had several black cats.  The current beautiful black cat in my life is Adrina Renee, who just turned 7 this last June.  When I adopted her as a baby she was almost all black with only a couple spots of orange and beige.  Now that she’s all grown up she is still mostly black, but with a lot more orange and beige.  She spends a chunk of her day sun tanning on the balcony, perhaps years of this has caused the colors to come out more lol.  Regardless she is still a beautiful black cat.

Above pics: Adrina Renee

Here is the history of how this day became a holiday:

Wane Morris got the idea to honor black cats and highlight their plight as the last to be adopted at many shelters by designating August 17 as Black Cat Appreciation Day.  Thanks to successful social networking efforts and the online event have made the day a big success.

Wayne Morris got the notion to honor both his sister and a beloved family pet, along with black cats everywhere, when he chose August 17 as Black Cat Appreciation Day. 

Wayne’s sister passed away some years ago on this date at the age of 33, just two months after the passing of her beloved 20 year old black cat Sinbad. While the day honors Sinbad and all black cats, the date was chosen to celebrate the bond we have and the love we share with our pets.

Wayne has spoken in interviews that his father initially refused to allow a black cat into the family home, so his experience with the archaic yet lingering superstition about them is personal.

Wayne has an appreciation page on Facebook.  Check it out here:

If you’d like to officially join in on the event, here is the link:

Please show your support for this special holiday.  Some ideas to do this include adopting a black cat, sharing pics of your black cat, or posting information about this holiday on your social media pages.  Children can also join in by drawing pictures of black cats.

Hopefully, today will lead to increased awareness and allow for more black cats to be adopted!

Will you be participating in this event?  Have you become a fan of Wayne’s appreciation page?  Have you had or currently have a black cat?

Here are some cute pics of black kittens and cats that I found online:

See!  Aren’t these black cats just the cutest!  Who wouldn’t want to have one of these lovely black cats in their lives?!

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  1. I would! Though my dog is almost a cat, he'd love the company and having a new friend!