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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Allure Magazine August Beauty Giveaways

One of the biggest summer giveaways that I look forward to every year is the Allure Magazine August Beauty Giveaway Event.  This big event comprises of 105 giveaways which includes 25,237 beauty products up for grabs.  The event started yesterday (08/03/15) and runs through Friday, August 28, 2015.  Every weekday between the hours of 9am PT/12pm ET through 2pm PT/5pm ET Allure will be hosting hourly giveaways.  

Unlike last year where most of the giveaways were for the first 20-500 people who entered on the hour, this year the featured hourly item will be available for entry during the entire hour.  So instead of having to run like a crazy lady to the computer at 9am sharp like I did last year, you can enter at 9:01am or 9:59am and still be entered in to win that prize for the 9am drawing.

Personally I think this option is better, because you have a more likely chance of getting your entry in.  I remember last year having to deal with internet page loading delays and excessive web tracking causing the page to not even load.  When some of the giveaways were only offered to the first 20 people it was clear that if you weren't able to submit your entry within like the first 10 seconds there was no chance you'd be winning that prize.  Plus, if you have a normal job it is probably unlikely that you can ignore work stuff while you wait to be the first one to enter on the hourly dot.

I guess the only downside to this year’s entry method is that if you were able to submit entries at the top of the hour, you will now have more competition since the entry method is easier and more people will be able to enter.

Still I am very excited for this year’s Allure giveaway event.

In order to celebrate and help spread the word, I will be posting the links and the daily calendar schedule on here.  

So if you love free beauty items, you'll love this giveaway event!

Here is the direct link to the Allure Giveaway Details webpage: 

Here is the direct link to the Allure Giveaway Calendar webpage: http://www.allure.com/free-samples/2015/allure-magazine-august-free-stuff-calendar#slide=1

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