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Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Warlock's Curse by C.B. Oresky - Book Tour - Guest Post - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hi, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host C.B. Oresky and her new book, “The Warlock’s Curse,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

Be sure to make it to the end of this post to enter to win a $50 Amazon OR Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!!  Also, come back daily to interact with C.B. Oresky and to increase your chances of winning!!

Thanks for stopping by!!  Wishing you all lots of good luck in this fabulous giveaway!!

The Warlock's Curse

by C.B. Oresky


GENRE:   Young Adult Fantasy



Clara and Angelica Grace have never met ghosts. They’ve never sailed on a tall ship, ridden wild unicorns, or fought with magical weapons. Instead, the teenage twins have a wretched existence, ignored by their troubled parents in a rundown home and tormented by the town’s snobs.

Everything turns topsy-turvy all of a sudden when discovery of an ancestor’s hidden journal with an odd key to an unknown door leads them into an entirely different realm.

The girls go on a thrilling oceanic voyage to search for mysterious whales, train with a seasoned warrior, and are befriended by a wise Master. But all is not a bouquet of lovely lilies…they are hunted by a cunning warlock and must rid themselves of The Warlock’s Curse.



The whales’ frenzied song grew even louder—the electrical atmosphere intensified.

“Now what’s happening? We’re dissolving!” Clara yelled, watching her little hands disappear and then reappear again.

Angelica observed different parts of the ship, their cats, their bodies, and the monkey crew all vanishing momentarily. She drew a sharp breath. She was about to say something when the ethereal whale swimming directly before them opened its massive mouth, saltwater pouring down its yawning maw that seemed miles and miles deep.

“This is madness!” Clara shrieked, staring down the vast gaping throat of the beast. “Even a hurricane would be much better than this.

We’re going to die, for sure!” Angelica lost her composure. “Turn the ship!” she demanded. “I don’t wanna die!”

“Impossible!” Claudius cried. “We must go!” “I’m gonna be sick!” Clara cried, her face pasty. She clasped her sister’s scrawny hand in horror. What lay before them was far worse than that scary roller coaster Angelica had once convinced her to try at their town fair.

Catapulted forward by the hurrying tide, Claudius’s ship now sailed upon the phantasm of a massive whale. The sleek vessel hung momentarily on the edge of the watery precipice of white light, then slipped straight down the monster’s wide-open chasm…



A Day in the Life of…

I wake up at around 8 AM and get out of bed. First thing (after skipping to the loo) is to let Galadriel, my little black Scottie dog out and then feed her. By the time that’s over my Siamese cat, Fleurcita, is usually rubbing against my leg, meowing for her food. I remember it’s not a good thing to piss her off, as she has a few naughty habits and quickly attend to her needs. Then of course there’s ten chickens, as well a one hedgehog (Mr. Tiggy) to get water for and feed.

With everyone else taken care of I go back to my room, slip into bed, and turn on my laptop to start my work. The theme here is software developer by day, writer by night. My husband usually stomps into our room at some point, bringing breakfast: oatmeal topped with fruit. One has to be kept healthy and fit when one’s husband is a body builder, obsessed with mixed martial arts. He immediately starts pestering me, asking me what time I will take my break to go to the gym.

After my meetings and doing some work, before noon, I drag a brush across my head, throw on my workout clothes, move the cat off the bed, pet the dog goodbye, and run out to the gym with my husband. We train like maniacs for about an hour, stopping at the end to pose for the camera. At this point, being starving, we’re off to the organic food coop to pick up some healthy food.

I work the rest of the day either from home, a coffee house, or from my small town’s quaint library. When work is over, depending on the day of the week, there are a few options: we can take Galadriel to the dog park, or I go to a ceramic or writing class. I try to write for an hour or so a day…the goal is five to ten pages a week, which is why a novel takes me forever. I remind myself that quality matters.

A healthy dinner is materialized at some point during all of this, which is followed by an hour or two of meditation with friends over zoom. If I am not too energized, I’m able to fall asleep, listening to my husband’s soft, yet irritating snoring.



Fascinated by the works of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, C.B. Oresky began writing her own fantasy novel, The Warlock’s Curse, after dreaming of being whisked off to an alien realm. Besides her debut novel, she has seen four of her short stories published in a small, national literary press: Conceit Magazine. When she’s not writing, she can be found wandering through the woods, dancing flamenco, or planting flowers in her garden. She currently lives in a small town in Connecticut with her bodybuilder husband, their exceptionally naughty Scottish terrier and Siamese cat, ten chickens, Mr. Tiggy the hedgehog, and a yard filled with majestic flowers.













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  1. Thank you for hosting. I'll be checking throughout the day to make comments and answer questions. Enjoy!

  2. What a lovely routine. It's good to make time with one's spouse. Mine is not so healthy, we do a crossword puzzle every afternoon as sort of a cooperative competition trading 2 across for 5 down and enjoying an adult beverage or two.

    1. We do have a lot of fun. Crossword puzzles sound fun as well! Thank you for your lovely comment.

  3. Thank you for sharing your guest post, bio and book details, The Warlock's Curse sounds like a must read for my teen-aged grandchildren and I. Which aspect of your story required the most research on your part?

    1. Hi Bea,
      I would say the part about The Art of War - where the warrior is teaching the girls to fight. Also, the wise, enlightened Master in the book required years of meditation and study. The rest was just life...

  4. This sounds like an excellent read.

  5. I enjoyed reading about a day in your life, Caryn, I also enjoyed the excerpt and I can't wait to share The Warlock's Curse with the kids!

    Thanks for sharing it with me and have a splendid day!