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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Prophet's Debt by Robert Creekmore - Book Tour - Guest Post - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hello, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host Robert Creekmore and his new book, “Prophet’s Debt,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on his Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

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Prophet's Debt

by Robert Creekmore


GENRE:  Dark Contemporary Fiction



At fourteen, Naomi Pace knows she loves her best friend, Tiffany. During the Perseid meteor shower of summer 1993, she finds out Tiffany feels the same, just as they’re outed.

Naomi is sent away to a conversion program in the remote Appalachians of North Carolina, knowing nothing of the horrors that await or the strength they will catalyze.

Escaping into the frigid wilderness, she forges her own destiny. Trapped in hiding, Naomi fights to conquer fear and find her way back to Tiffany.

Taking bloody vengeance to end a cult that tortures and murders children seems impossible, but so is having the guidance of a mythic creature of strength and violence.

Those who hurt Naomi as a girl will come to fear the woman she has become and the path she will tread to find revenge, safety, and Tiffany.



Moving away, Lesley says in verbal self-defense, “Wait until your father finds out.”

That lands like a tranquilizer dart on a bear. I shift from rage to fear. I’ve done something wholly unforgivable, broken another girl’s arm because she called out my sin. That’s how it will be seen regardless of how I feel about what they call “sin.” Until just now, I was having the most exciting night of my young life. I didn’t feel sin, I felt bonding. I felt the comfort of having someone I love more than anyone else physically close. For those few hours, I thought my life could be like this, but as I watch Lesley stumble away sobbing, it becomes apparent that I was wrong.

Lesley’s car makes a buzzing noise as she zooms away. Tiffany’s eyes are wide when we meet gazes.

“I’ll get the bag,” I say.

I stuff the blankets, canteen, chips, and flashlight back in, leaving the star map behind on the same spot where we had just laid.

“You broke her arm. I can’t believe you actually broke her arm,” Tiffany says, stuttering from fear.

“She was hurting you.”

“But you didn’t have to break her arm.”

“No, I didn’t. I wanted to.”

Tiffany doesn’t seem as offput by this as I expected.

“I love you,” she says.

“Same,” I reply.

I throw the backpack on and reach down to give Tiffany a hand up.

“We have to go somewhere else,” I say, as she rises to her feet.


“Just not here is all I know.”



Music That Inspired Prophet’s Debt

~ The Gits, Second Skin

This one is a no-brainer to start with since the book is dedicated to the memory of the band's lead singer, Mia Zapata. The Gits were a fantastic punk group that was active from 1986 to 1993. They are probably one of my favorite bands. I wasn’t around to see them since I wasn’t old enough to go to shows. I wouldn’t find them until the late nineties. Like many bands who began in that era, such as NOFX, The Bad Brains, or Bouncing Souls, I think The Gits would still be around today. The surviving members are still active in the music scene. Unfortunately, Mia was raped and murdered while walking home on July, 7th 1993. She was only 27. Her murderer remained free for another decade. He died in prison last year. Prophet’s Debt is about a woman who takes revenge on those who raped and tortured her when she was a girl. So, I think it’s fitting that someone who fell to such a fate and has been such an influence on me, should sit first and foremost on this list.

~ Tilt, Libel

Tilt is another punk band from the nineties that was fronted by a woman. Her stage name is Cinder Block. She’s still active with other bands. I believe she has one of the best voices of any punk lead vocalist, ever. I met her when I was nineteen. I was so star-struck that I could barely get a word out. All I could do was shake her hand and say, ‘thank you.’ Libel is about ignorant liars. It makes me think of the cult, based on Evangelical Christianity, that I created for Prophet’s Debt.

~ Boysetsfire, Unspoken Request

Boysetsfire is a punk band that’s been around for nearly thirty years. I first heard this song at one of their shows. It’s about the residual psychological trauma stemming from rape. Such a feminist sentiment from a band made up entirely of men isn’t unheard of in the punk scene, but this one really got me. It was in a small club and I could see backstage. There, just in my line of sight, was a woman who was friends with the band. While they played, she burst into tears. I’ll never forget that. It showed me what men can do if they get together against the toxic behavior of other men by standing up to them, verbally or physically if need be.

        ~ Doll Skin, Daughter

I only became aware of Doll Skin last fall when I saw them open for Anti-Flag and Bad Cop Bad Cop, both of whom you should check out. This song reminds me of my protagonist, Naomi, because of the lyrics,

“No matter what she keeps on breathing,

 why can’t I, why can’t I?”

Naomi is a survivor. Against all odds, she keeps on breathing. And so can you.

~ Bronski Beat, Small Town Boy

I choose this because it’s a song about a young person who is gay fleeing from home. This was released in 1984: way ahead of its time. Naomi Pace is a gay woman, which is why she is sent away because it was thought that she could be converted to straight. That’s bullshit, of course. The specific lyrics that inspired me are:

“But the answers you seek will never be found at home

The love that you need will never be found at home”

Naomi’s family rejected her, so she built her own, which is what a lot of young people who are disowned do. They’re better off for it, hatred doesn’t belong in families.



Robert Creekmore is from a rural farming community in Eastern North Carolina.

He attended North Carolina State where he studied psychology. While at university, he was active at the student radio station. There, he fell in love with punk rock and its ethos.

Robert acquired several teaching licenses in special education. He was an autism specialist in Raleigh for eight years. He then taught for four years in a small mountain community in western North Carolina.

During his time in the mountains, he lived with his wife Juliana in a remote primitive cabin built in 1875. While there, he grew most of his own food, raised chickens, worked on a cattle farm, as well as participated in subsistence hunting and fishing.

Eventually, the couple moved back to the small farming community where Robert was raised.

Robert’s first novel Afiri, is a science fiction love letter to his childhood hero Carl Sagan. It was nominated for a Manly Wade Wellman award in 2016.

Robert’s second novel is the first in a trilogy of books. Annoyed with the stereotype of the southeastern United States as a monolith of ignorance and hatred, he wanted to bring forth characters from the region who are queer and autistic. They now hold up a disinfecting light to the hatred of the region’s past and to those who still yearn for a return to ways and ideas that should have long ago perished.







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