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Friday, June 18, 2021

Boy by Anna Hamilton - Book Tour - Guest Post - Giveaway - Enter Daily!


by Anna Hamilton


GENRE: Drama/Family/Sweet Romance/Dementia



Boy is a story about a few weeks in the lives of Hugh and Betty Roberts, an elderly couple living alone on a family farm in Iowa.  They are buried deep in grief over the loss of their only child and struggling to hang on to  the only life they have ever known when dementia sneaks in.  An unusual visitor brings a welcome distraction and reprieve just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Join this couple and other unforgettable characters as they prepare to share in a memorable and much needed Thanksgiving gathering at the old couple's farm. What transpires is credited to friendship, love and the relentless power of hope. Directly or indirectly we are reminded of what really matters on this brief walk we call Life.



He had just finished the last bit of paint on the sign when the phone began to ring, startling him.  He hurried into the kitchen to grab a paper towel to wipe the paint off his hands, but before he could get to the phone, the ringing had stopped.  He heard Betty say "hello?"

With all of the strange happenings lately he shouldn't have been surprised that she'd answered the phone.  Anything was possible, he thought as he walked back into the room and burst into laughter when he saw that she hadn't picked up the phone at all, but a statue of Roy Rogers that sat next to her on the end table.  She was holding it up against her ear, as if waiting for someone to answer her greeting.

He couldn't help himself.  "Who is it?" he asked.

Sitting Roy back down on the table she said, "They hung up."

"They'll call back," he said laughing.  And they did call back, but by then Betty was no longer interested.  She had faded away again.



My favorite scene from the book Boy is being in the family graveyard with “Dan the Man” and Jacob.  It brings back memories of graveyards that my family and I would visit every Memorial Day.  It was like a holiday for us. The respect for those who are buried there was/is immense. The history of the ones now gone is something I cherish and is forever sacred to me. Graveyards used to represent a place to be when you wanted to feel close to those now gone, sometimes with people you never even knew. While you are there you might pull some weeds, tidy up around the headstones, plant a flower or bush, even leave a note or a little poem you have written. This tradition is almost a thing of the past, becoming history in itself.

In Boy, Jacob didn't know his father.  He died the same day Jacob was born. The family graveyard becomes his connection to his dad—one that Jacob, a child, makes on his own. It is a safe place for him to share both his sadness and his joy and him sharing it with his new friend is significant to me. It opens a door for Dan the Man, one he needs in order to talk about his own father’s death.  This experience teaches these boys that grieving is a part of life and nothing to be ashamed of.  Sharing stories teach us that we are not alone nor unique. A valuable lesson for anyone, particularly children.

I also loved how they bid farewell to Jacob’s fathers when they went to leave.  Respect.



Anna Hamilton (1958- present) was born in Des Moines Iowa. She lives in Northern Minnesota along the Canadian border where she owns and operates a small restaurant in the village of Grand Marais. During the slower winter months she writes, preferring fiction over non-fiction. "Fiction" she says, "is much easier to create because you can be on the outside of a story looking in, rather than on the inside, fighting your way out." Hence her first novel 'Boy'.

When she is not working or writing, her time is spent mentoring children in need and advocates on behalf of both children and the elderly. She and her sister Sarah are currently working towards building 'affordable' housing for their community. Part of the proceeds from her first novel 'Boy' will be dedicated to help finance that project.







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  1. Anna ~ Good morning! Welcome to FAB! It is so great to have you here! Congrats on your new book and good luck on the book tour! :)

    1. Thank you for this opportunity. Have a great weekend and enjoy 'Boy'

  2. Thank you for hosting 'Boy', it is an honor for me. I hope all who read this little bit of sweetness walk away brighter than before!