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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

I Can Still Hear You by Nicole Black - Book Tour - Book Sale - Guest Post - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hey, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host Nicole Black and her new book, “I Can Still Hear You,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

Be sure to make it to the end of this post to enter to win a $50 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!!  Also, come back daily to interact with Nicole and to increase your chances of winning!!

This eBook is on SALE for ONLY $0.99 during the book tour!!!  See below for more details.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Wishing you all lots of luck in this fabulous giveaway!!

I Can Still Hear You

by Nicole Black


GENRE: Action/Adventure, Women's Fiction with Romantic Elements



I Can Still Hear You is a powerful and deeply moving story which grapples with the universal pain of grief and the loss of a loved one. When Scarlett O’Connor loses her father at the age of 30, she’s forced to face the shambles that her life has become. With no money and no savings, the only thing that waits for her is a cryptic map and a mysterious letter. With nothing left to lose, she embarks on a trip to Maui for her father’s final adventure, to begin a treasure hunt which will force her to look deep inside herself and come to terms with her pain and grief.

Accompanied by her less-than-supportive fiancé, a close childhood friend, and an enigmatic man who was her father’s old acquaintance, Scarlett must decode the mystery and find the hidden treasure. But she knows she must face her fears alone, and calling upon the spirit of her father for guidance, she struggles to reconcile her emotions and uncover the treasure before her time in Maui comes to an end.

Perfect for fans of contemporary and women’s fiction, I Can Still Hear You is a gripping tale which will resonate with anybody who has struggled with the death of someone close. This book is a testament to the fact that even though we may have lost them, our loved ones stay with us no matter what challenges we face.




The hospital room may have been silent, but it was far from peaceful.

The mechanical sounds of the machines melded with the all-too-human sounds of my father’s ailing body slowly giving up its fight. The resulting cacophony was anything but comforting. Though his heartbeat was steady, his breathing was a tortured, sawing rasp, a constant reminder that each intake of air could be his last.

The sound of the clock ticking on the wall reminded me of my grandfather’s old stopwatch. I made a mental note to ask my Dad about the whereabouts of the watch.

He had very little time left.

I knew that from the way the medical staff had left me alone with him. They’d been a constant presence these past few weeks, buzzing about the room, telling me in hushed whispers that this time was near, but I hadn’t really believed it. Those doctors had said, after his lung transplant six years ago, that we could expect him to live two to five years more.

But things were different now. He sounded different. He looked different, smaller, frailer. He even smelled a little different, as if something inside his body was going very wrong. And this was the first time all the doctors and nurses had stopped hovering nearby with a new drip or medication to administer. A nurse usually came in to open the curtains in the morning, but no one had been in for hours.



Marketing 101:

It’s release day! Congratulations, you have published your first book. It doesn’t matter what the topic of your book is, you did it, and that is a big deal. Maybe you sent it to a few agents and got a few rejection letters, fear not, you are in excellent company. There are many very famous writers who self-published their first books.

So now what? You spent a lot of time working on your plot and your characters, you have had editors pour over your manuscript to make it the most polished prose possible. The writing it turns out, was the “fun” part about being a writer. What most people won’t tell you is that writing a book is more about marketing than actually writing.

You will need to spend hours promoting your book, not just to your own circle, but to the many, many individuals who are going to read your book! I heard someone once say that it took them three years of marketing their book after it came out for it to become an overnight success story. Three years. You will have to put a lot of time and effort into finding outlets where people who might be interested in your book congregate. And then you will have to start crafting letters and sending copies of your book out.

There was a great book, aptly titled, 1001 Ways to Market Your Book by John Kremer. If you can find a copy of that book, buy it. You likely won’t be able to use all of the ways he suggests and with the advent of the internet, some of the ways might be obsolete but there will be some good ideas in there or you can create your own.

The most important thing to remember is that every day you should be taking somewhere between one and five action items to market your book. You spent years of your life writing it, don’t let it collect dust now. Now, the real work begins.



Nicole Black is an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur with a passion for sharing unique stories and helping people grow. For over 20 years, she’s worked in the business world as a corporate trainer in employee productivity and effective growth, where she’s helped some of the biggest brands in hospitality and entertainment grow sustainably through inspiring their employees. She’s been featured on platforms including TEDxWilmington, Jack Canfield Show, Santa Barbara News Press, The George DiGianni show and the Tom Barnard Show.

Through her writing, Nicole hopes to empower her readers and impart valuable lessons about grief, loss, and emotional growth. In her free time, Nicole enjoys traveling, yoga, and spending time with her wonderful daughter in their home of Santa Barbara, California.











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