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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Luke’s Redemption by Anni Fife - Book Tour - Review - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hi lovelies! It gives me great pleasure today to host Anni Fife and her new book, “Luke’s Redemption”!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

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Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you lots of luck in this exciting giveaway!

Luke’s Redemption
by Anni Fife


GENRE: Contemporary Erotic Romantic Suspense



Chased by her criminal kingpin father, Katya Dalca runs to New Orleans and straight into the arms of Luke Hunter. Sucked into the carnal world of the French Quarter, she succumbs to Luke’s potent sexuality. He not only steals her breath, he steals her heart and the only leverage she has against her father. She is left with no choice except to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life alone.

Undercover DEA agent Luke Hunter thought his newest assignment—recover a stolen flash drive to gain the trust of the Russian mob—was like any other. But his target brings him to his knees, and after one taste of her intoxicating beauty, he's in too deep. Doing his job means walking away, leaving his heart behind with nothing but a promise to reunite. It's a promise he can't keep.

When Katya's past reaches out and her world unravels, her only hope is the one man she is most vulnerable to—Luke.



We pulled into the underground parking at King Security and Luke parked the SUV in line with several other huge black Ford Expeditions. It appeared King Security had its own fleet.

Unable to stop myself, I blurted, “You were with Anna when you were undercover with my father, weren’t you?”

Luke pulled the keys from the ignition. In the deafening silence I didn’t think he was going to answer. Then he turned to me and bit out. “Yes!”

Wow! I didn’t expect him to be so honest. I sat back and folded my arms, tight. Damn, his answer hurt me. “So you make a habit of lying to your women? Being with them while you’re pretending to be someone you’re not? Is that your thing?”

“She wasn’t my woman,” Luke growled. “She was just a woman. She was there, I was there. It was never deep and it sure as hell wasn’t forever. Then it was over, and I made certain she was clear of the investigation. That was it.” He leaned towards me and said impatiently, “That tell you what you want to know?”

“Not even close. You made love to her didn’t you?”

“Hell no!” Luke snarled. “I fucked her. Like I have all the other women in my life. There’s only one woman I ever made love to Katya. And that was you.”

I went rigid, stunned into silence. Luke turned to open his car door. “You didn’t make love to me, Michael did,” I whispered.



After Katya learns of her kingpin father’s plan to not only force her into an arranged marriage, but to a man she ultimately despises, she knows she must get as far away as she can – and fast!  But before Katya leaves she must secure her future and safety.  Since Katya is worried her father will come after her she takes a flash drive which details his criminal activity as an insurance policy.

Luke is a sexy DEA Agent who is assigned to go undercover and retrieve the flash drive that Katya stole.  In order to do so, he must get close to Katya.  However, he gets too close and actually falls in love with her.

There are fireworks between Luke and Katya!  After a night of steamy passion you could totally feel the chemistry between these two characters!

I liked Luke and Katya, but found them to be somewhat ridiculous.  However, as far-fetched as their actions seemed, it’s also what made these characters realistic.  I personally couldn’t forgive and forget as easily as Katya, but I am sure there are many women out there who would – and have.

Luke is HOT!!  His sexiness definitely helps overlook some of his flaws – but he does come with baggage!  Later in the book he does have some redeeming moments, which does help make up for the heartache he put Katya and I through – lol!  But still for me, it’s a long road uphill for complete forgiveness.

Sadly, I found Katya to be somewhat pathetic as she fondles over Luke and allows him to treat her like crap.  There’s even one point where SHE feels guilty and sorry for him betraying her!  But I guess I have never had that intense relationship with someone that I could look past no matter how they acted or treated me – where love was the only thing that mattered.

Katya is betrayed by Luke not once, but TWICE!!  His number would definitely be deleted out of my phone and I would not give him another chance!  But Katya is in love and wants to be with Luke regardless.  I know holding grudges is never the answer, but if someone broke my heart the way Luke did it would take me quite a while to just get over it. 

This book is well researched and thought out.  There is extensive detail that makes it easy to picture – including the steamy scenes!  The book’s pace is mostly steady, but does contain a few slower, dragging scenes throughout.  This book also switches between multiple POVs – which wasn’t actually confusing, it was written well enough to easily follow and I liked hearing from the different perspectives.  I also really liked the supporting characters – very interesting and entertaining!  I am so looking forward to discovering more about the sexy King Security men!

There were only a couple of things that I didn’t like in this book.  I hated the long timeframe wait between the main characters.  Five years just seemed a bit too drawn out.  Also, I wish Katya hadn’t forgiven Luke so easily.  He hurt her, he broke her heart, he used her, and so much more, and she just let him.  Yes, I wanted these characters to get together, but I think Katya should have made Luke work for it a bit more.

All in all, I really did enjoy reading this book!  There is so much to this book!  This book is full of excitement, action, mystery, suspense, crime, passion, betrayal, regret, heartache, forgiveness, love, secrets, second – and third chances!  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in a complex romantic suspense book filled with hot, steamy, passionate scenes!

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

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Last year, Anni Fife closed the door on a successful career in television, to fulfill her lifelong passion, writing. In the space of one month, she closed her business, packed up her city life and moved to a small seaside village. ‘My writing has always been constrained by client briefs,’ Anni says. ‘Now, I finally have the opportunity to write to the beat of my own heart.’ LUKE’s Redemption is Anni’s debut novel and she hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she loved writing it. Anni loves to spend hours walking on the beach searching for pansy shells, more hours drinking red wine with her gal posse, and the most hours writing steamy romance novels filled with hot alpha men and the sassy intelligent women they can’t live without. She is currently working on her second novel, GRAY’s Promise.

Anni is published by The Wild Rose Press, and is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA).



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  1. Hi Ally. Thanks for taking the time to review my debut novel. Glad you liked it and so sorry Katya gave into Luke too quickly. What's a gal to do when bullets are flying and the man of her dreams is right in front of her?! LOL!
    A warm welcome back to your readers. Hope you'll take a chance on Luke's Redemption too. Happy days. Anni xx

  2. Congrats on the tour and thanks for the chance to win :)

  3. What is the best book that you read recently? Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win. Bernie W BWallace1980(at)hotmail(d0t)com

  4. I enjoyed reading your review and I'm looking forward to checking this one out myself :)

  5. Well, it's the last day of your tour and I must say I've enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you and your book. Hope to see you on tour again soon.

    1. Thanks Karen. It's been lots of fun, and the support has been amazing. Best, Anni xx