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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Name is Wonder by Ronald Chapman - Book Tour - Review - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hi lovelies! It gives me great pleasure today to host Ronald Chapman and his new book, “My Name is Wonder”!  For other stops on his Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above.

Be sure to make it to the end of this post to enter to win a $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card.  Also, come back daily to interact with Ronald and to increase your chances of winning! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you lots of luck in this exciting giveaway!

**Please Note**
My Name is Wonder is one of two novels by Chapman being released simultaneously by Terra Nova Publishing, the other being A Killer’s Grace. The publisher commented, “It is remarkable that these two books can be so very different but somehow speak to the same messages.”

My Name is Wonder
by Ronald Chapman


GENRE: Self-help (Spiritual)



My Name is Wonder chronicles the transcendent adventures of a little goat with big dreams. Join Wonder and his wisecracking guide, the mysterious crow Mac Craack, on a journey through the scenic landscapes of the American Southwest and into the heart of a mindful presence. Along the way, you’ll meet an unforgettable cast of creatures, each with an important lesson to teach.



Consciousness returned in ebbs and flows. Wonder was first aware of darkness. Was it nighttime already? When his awareness next stirred, he felt a blanket of straw beneath a body that still felt sluggish and numb. He heard vaguely the subtle sounds of other creatures around him. He tried to lift himself to look around but could not.

An otherworldly vision came to him then. Oren looked down upon him. There was a twinkle in the old goat’s yellow eyes as he spoke without the movement of his mouth. “My dear Wonder, this is most certainly an interesting detour. Remember, there is no path that is not in the Light. The secret is in what you do with the path that finds you.”

The vision slipped away as Wonder again lost consciousness.

The next thing he knew, the darkness had grayed into morning and his head felt like a hollowed-out gourd. As he rolled up, he found he was able to stand, albeit awkwardly. Staggering around like a newborn kid, he surveyed his surroundings. He was in an old, barnlike structure, filled with bales of hay and an odd collection of creatures large and small including a dozen or more goats.

From the rafters, he heard a familiar croak. “Wonder wondering?”

He looked up to find Mac Craack peering down at him. The bird was a welcome sight in this strange place.

“Where am I?” he asked, his voice slurred so that the words all ran together. Wonder shook his head to clear it, and as he did so, he discovered that something metal had been clipped into his right ear. He turned in a tight half circle, trying to see what the jangling thing was.

“Calm, calmer, calmest,” croaked Mac Craack.



This book focuses on Wonder’s adventures and the experience and knowledge he gains on these journeys.  During Wonder’s adventures he meets and encounters many intriguing animals; some of these include a crow, bear, owl, ram, otters, coyotes, and many others.  Each journey brings a new lesson, message, insight, and experience.

Wonder or better nicknamed as “Wander” is such an adorable, fun spirited and adventurous character!  Wonder is the main character of this book and he is a cute, small, white goat.  I loved Wonder’s sense of adventure and curiosity!  He sounded just like a real little kid with lots of endless questions!  He always wanted to learn and explore the unknown.  I also really liked that Wonder was raised with manners which shows such a great example of positive character traits.  Wonder spends most of his time with his best friend/side kick, Mac Craack, nicknamed “MC” who is a crow and his teacher, Oren, an elderly, but extremely wise goat.  I liked how well these characters worked together and played off each other.

I loved how well this book was broken up; lots of short chapters.  I constantly found myself saying, “Okay… just one more chapter… it’s only a few more pages…” LOL!

I really enjoyed the quotes and lessons in this book!  I think there is always room for self-improvement and that learning isn’t just done in the classroom.  This book shows how you can learn from anyone and anywhere.  This book shows that there are still valuable lessons to be learned and personal growth to be achieved.  I found answers, inspiration, and guidance in this book.

A quick and easy, but very enjoyable read!  The passages are so well detailed it is very easy to picture the story happening!  Although this book addresses complex lessons, it is simple to understand and follow.

I would absolutely recommend this book to BOTH adults and children.  I think this would make a great storybook for adults and children to read together and discuss the lessons.  There aren’t many books that I can re-read, but this book is the exception!  I can definitely see myself re-reading this book several times and still learn something new each time over!

**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

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Ronald Chapman is owner of an international speaking and consulting company, Magnetic North LLC. In addition to international accreditation as a speaker and national awards for radio commentary, he is the author of two novels, My Name is Wonder (Terra Nova Publishing, 2016) and A Killer's Grace (Terra Nova Publishing, 2016 and 2012), two works of non-fiction, Seeing True: Ninety Contemplations in Ninety Days (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2008) and What a Wonderful World: Seeing Through New Eyes (Page Free Publishing, 2004) and the producer of three audio sets, Seeing True: The Way of Spirit (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2016, 2005), Breathing, Releasing and Breaking Through: Practices for Seeing True (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2015), and Seeing True – The Way of Success in Leadership (Magnetic North Audio, 2005). Ron provides a wide array of social media content at www.SeeingTrue.com,
content for people in substance abuse recovery at www.ProgressiveRecovery.org,  and other content from his master site, www.RonaldChapman.com.  He holds a Masters in Social Welfare from The University at Albany (New York.) Prior to his relocation to Atlanta, Georgia in 2008, he was a long-time resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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“…a book for the ages, with profound truths simply stated. First there was Jonathan Livingston Seagull and then Yoda—Now there is Wonder…”
-Beverly Molander, Minister and Radio Host of Activating the Power of Yes

“…an exploration of human nature and into the allegorical realm that shows us how to be wise teachers and guides…”
-Paula Renaye, Author of Living the Life You Love

“Clarity is an aspect of love, it is seeing clearly. Ron Chapman sees with those eyes. He pays attention as few do to the miracles around us.”
-Stephen Levine, Author and Teacher



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