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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Son of Asmodeus by Barb Jones - Book Tour - Guest Post - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hello, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host Barb Jones and her new book, “Son of Asmodeus,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

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Son of Asmodeus

Heaven and Hell Book Series

Book One

by Barb Jones


GENRE:   Paranormal Romance



Birthright. Protector. Heaven. Hell.

A lone demon hunter, his true birthright unknown, roams the streets of Los Angeles while killing demons to prevent atrocities against the world. As the son of Asmodeus, Sully is a hunter feared by both demons and angels. His world was not the same once he walked into a bar and offered to help Mick, a gothic bartender.

Mick worried about her missing friend until the day she met Sully. The minute he walked into her bar and offered his help, her world changed. Secrets of her destiny unlocked, and he was at her side everywhere she turned. Friend. Protector.

Can they live with the secrets that are revealed to them? Will they survive the chase for the truth between Heaven and Hell?



Please note that this book is being made into a movie in 2023. Filming begins in May 2023.



Sully was in disbelief. He’d heard of Asmodeus, one of the most powerful demons in the world, but did not realize that he was his father. Asmodeus was the king of all demons and if Edward, the child, is also his son, that truly made them brothers. Do they share the same mother? He realized he had more questions than before.

“Thanks, Malcolm. I don’t trust anybody usually, so that will serve me well. What will happen to me if I wear this ring? Demons already know how to find me. I don’t want to be their attraction magnet even more.”

Malcolm laughed. “Take this bowl. I’ll bring the plates. We will have time to talk more later. Wearing that ring will inform the demons who either serve Asmodeus or oppose him that you are his rightful heir. Those were my instructions from him. To tell you your father’s name.”

“I hate games.”



My Favorite Scene

Out of all the scenes in Son of Asmodeus, my absolute favorite is when Sully and Edward are confronted with a bunch of demons, he makes the unholiest of alliances with the soul eater. Inititially – he agrees to let the soul eater feed on him slowly to contain him as the soul eater discovered his true parentage, which happens to be a closely guarded secret. Sully is no ordinary demon hunter. He is the son of Asmodeus, a prince of Hell. But the identity of his mother is the closely guarded secret. By making this unholy alliance, Sully grows not only in power, but in his understanding of demons as he has the soul eater to teach him.

This scene leads to a complete transformation of Sully. At first, Sully and the soul eater just coexisted. The soul eater was feeding on Sully’s soul and there was nothing he could about it. But in a predicament, he called on the soul eater because he needed him.  Once the merge took place, Sully could see out of one eye while the soul eater saw out of the other. Sully relies on the soul eater as much as the soul eater relies on him. This unholy alliance is what creates the new version of Sully through this transformation. Throughout the book, Sully and the soul eater become one.

Sully pulled Edward closer, whispering, “Brother, when we get out of here, you and I are going to have a long overdue talk.”

Giving Edward a few vials, he motioned for him to hide and be prepared. Sully then took the receptionist and told her to hide. It was going to get very nasty. She did as she was told. Then, finding a marker on her desk, he drew a symbol on the floor. Throwing another one of his vials on it, he called upon a demon he had a longstanding bargain with. While waiting for that demon to appear, he closed his eyes and searched his mind. He was trying to feel for that damn soul eater.

Then he found it.

“Are you looking for me, demon hunter?”

Sully gulped. He didn’t want to wake it because he couldn’t deal with the physical pain right now that it would cause. He whispered what he wanted, in his mind, to the soul eater and before he could open his eyes, his body was taken over by it. Silently, he remained inside, but he could see what was happening all around him and he felt strength and power unlike anything he’d known before. He knew the soul eater was in control, though they shared the same body. This would be interesting.

He watched as the demons approached. Sully was not used to being in the passenger seat, but he needed help from an unlikely ally. Maybe call this an unholy alliance. As he thought about it, the soul eater started laughing.

“I knew you would see things my way, demon hunter. Son of Asmodeus.”

Sully allowed the soul eater control of his body. He watched as he approached the demons.

“What do you want?”

The demons looked at Sully. Sully fought the urge to take back control of his body. He waited. He watched.

The soul eater spoke, using Sully’s voice. “I say again, what do you want, demons of Hell?”

“We came for you.”

The soul eater laughed and then stood in the open doorway, unarmed. Silently, Sully was praying about having made the right decision to trust the soul eater. He fought against relinquishing control but found that he was losing. The soul eater was much too tough and somehow could multitask against him and an onset of demons coming his way. Sully cowered in the corner of his mind. Waiting.

The soul eater cursed at the demons. One of them was set on fire and the flames prevented him from. He didn’t disintegrate into ashes, but he remained on fire in front of the others. Thrusting his hand outward, he said another curse. One that Sully knew all too well. Another demon froze in his spot.

The other demons still moved forward. Finally, the soul eater whispered to Sully. “Join me.” Sully did not understand but allowed his mind to merge with the soul eater. He was in full control of his body once more. But something inside snapped. An intense heat filled his body from the inside and as he shouted out a curse, the remaining demons fell to their knees. Sully walked over to them. Looked at them closely.

“You. You are the ones I saw that took the bartender. Where is he?”

The demons laughed and they tried to stand to no avail. They were not able to stand. From the corner of his eye, Sully noticed that Edward had taken up in the corner and looked scared. He demanded that he come out. It was time to end this.

“Edward, there’s always a price to pay for this. Come out here now.”

He saw Edward come out, and he held onto the vial that he’d given him previously. He whispered to the soul eater, “The bargain is simple. I will exist with you if you agree to join forces with me. You and I will become one. But you will not betray me and turn me over like you originally planned to do. In return, you can slowly feed on my soul to survive, but you will not kill me. I am already a tormented soul. You and I will make our own path. Let’s call this an unholy alliance. What say you?”

The soul eater spoke through Sully’s lips.

“The deal is agreed. What about Edward? Can I have the little demon too?”

Sully saw Edward was afraid. “No. He is not to be touched or I will use the very power from both sides to kill you and send you back to Hell. Now, deal with them. I need them to find the bartender.”

Together, they merged into one. Sully only hoped that he’d made the right choice, but time was not on his side. He motioned to Edward to give him the vial. Holding the vials carefully in his hands, he was thinking about what to do. He allowed himself to trust the soul eater, and he opened the vials, one by one. He then threw the vials at the demons. They did not die. They remained still, not moving, not speaking. Sully saw they could look around and noticed that their eyes changed.

“Obey.” That was the only word out of Sully’s mouth.

The demons knelt and looked straight at Sully. All that came out of their mouths was, “The soul eater.” Then they vanished. Something must’ve called them back to Hell.




Barb Jones is an author of paranormal romance and horror for adults, including her best selling series Blood Prophecy and her newest series, Heaven and Hell. She was born and raised in Hawaii, where her love for the supernatural began. When not writing, she is not only an IT professional but a mother of two highly gifted young adults, who are her inspiration. She can be found haunting bookstores, enjoying ghost tours, traveling, chatting with her readers, and baking. You can chat with Barb on Instagram at @thebloodprophecy or check out her website at www.thebloodprophecy.com.















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