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Friday, August 6, 2021

Say Yes to Life: 7 Keys to Living Full Out From Within by Elliott Robertson - Book Tour - Guest Post - FREE Book!! - Giveaway - Enter Daily!!

    Hi, lovelies!!  It gives me great pleasure today to host Elliott Robertson and his new book, “Say Yes to Life: 7 Keys to Living Full Out From Within,” here on FAB!!  For other stops on his Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

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This eBook is available for FREE during the book tour!!!  See below for more details.

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Say Yes to Life:

7 Keys to Living Full Out From Within

by Elliott Robertson


GENRE:  Self-Help



Say Yes to Life provides you with seven keys to unconditional, abundant living. Each key opens a doorway to experiencing life as a gift.

This book will guide you to the depths of your heart where you long to celebrate life with a wholehearted "Yes!"

You will be led to a place of greater authenticity.

You will be encouraged to take joy in who you are.

Only willingness is needed to embrace yourself with gladness.

With your true Self in the driver's seat and the ego in the back seat, life takes on a new vibrancy.

Now you are present to yourself, to your companions, and the cosmos. The mountaintop appears and beckons you into the fullness that has always been awaiting you.



Dear one, as you set forth on the new adventure offered by this book, give yourself permission to discover new facets of your multi-dimensionality. Allow yourself to vibrate on higher levels, closer to the  mountaintop of joy without condition. Allow yourself to hear God say, “You are glorious!” Give yourself permission to say “Yes” whenever Source says “This is who you are.”

Never before has humanity lived in an age so ripe for transformation, happiness, harmony and cooperation.

Never before has the need for transformation been so apparent. Not that the need for transformation has never been so great; rather, the need has never been so visible. The darkness and impurities within the systems in our world are more visible and palpable today because we have entered an era of greater light.

Never before has the world been so prepared for a new arrangement of systems informed by integrity and compassion. Never before have so many people been poised for self-realization and the joy of living from integrity and authenticity.

This book is for those who long for the day when corruption will be replaced by the blossoming of goodness. It is written for those who want to see the flourishing of kindness throughout the world, through systems of commerce, governance, and medicine.



One of the Author’s Favorite Scenes:

The characters from Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic book The Little Prince show up in Say Yes to Life in nearly every chapter. There are only two characters in his book, the aviator and the little prince.

One of my favorite scenes in Say Yes to Life (there are many favorite scenes) is when the aviator from The Little Prince tells me about his experience carrying the sleeping little prince through the desert in search of water during the night. This is a tender moment from his week in the desert with the young boy. He has a fatherly affection for the little prince when he looks upon his face as he sleeps.

Why is this one of my favorite scenes in Say Yes to Life? Because it shines a light on the beauty and nobility of the aviator. And it shows him falling in love with the child who came into his life a few days previously, the boy who suddenly appeared right after his plane crashed in the desert.

Plus, whenever we reflect on moments from the past, we have the chance to glean wisdom from those moments—to receive the gift offered by the moment. And the aviator is reflecting on that moment in Say Yes to Life as we chat on the front porch of my house.

Say Yes to Life invites the reader to listen to my conversations with Antoine de Saint-Exupery (he is the aviator). The reader listens to him reflect on his experience with the boy on the desert and find nuggets of wisdom. Insights he can take with him in the days following our time of reflecting together.

Some of the conversations I have with the aviator in this book are juxtaposed with quotes from scripture, including A Course of Love, a book some think of as the sequel to A Course in Miracles. This adds to the richness of our conversation and time of reflection upon that profound week on the desert with the young innocent little prince.

For example, one of the passages from A Course of Love that is quoted in the context of one of our conversations is from the opening pages of A Course of Love:

The mind so hates to be confused, to be open, to remain open, and to not know. It desires anchors to hold it in one spot and held there suffers the pounding of the sea of change, resists the current, fortifies itself against the storm. The mind will return always to where it feels safe and sure of itself and so it goes nowhere and sees not transformation, or creation, of the new horizon that would defy its reality.[C:1.4]

This passage shines a light on the contrast between the young boy and the aviator. The aviator experiences the mind’s desire for anchors “to hold it in one spot.” His mind returns “to where it feels safe and sure of itself” when the little prince asks questions that are not helpful to him in his efforts to fix the plane—and fixing the plane is his primary concern for the supply of water is limited.

The little prince, when he interrupts the aviator, is not snagged by the mind’s desire for anchors. His mind is not in the driver’s seat. His mind and heart have a harmonious relationship in those moments.

Let me add one more note to this blog. I know not everyone has read The Little Prince. But anyone can pick up Say Yes to Life and enjoy the scenes where the aviator and I are discussing his week on the desert. The scenes from The Little Prince are quoted in my book, with permission.



Elliott Robertson is a Happiness Coach. He holds an MA in Psychology and has been certified as a Happy for No Reason workshop facilitator. His articles have appeared in several magazines, including Science of Mind and Miracles Magazine.







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