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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Totally Devoted by E.M. Bannock - Book Tour - Guest Post - Giveaway - Enter Daily!

Hi, lovelies!  It gives me great pleasure today to host E.M. Bannock and her new book, “Totally Devoted”!  For other stops on her Goddess Fish Promotions Book Tour, please click on the banner above or any of the images in this post.

Be sure to make it to the end of this post to enter to win a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!  Also, come back daily to interact with E.M. and to increase your chances of winning!

Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you lots of luck in this fabulous giveaway!

Totally Devoted
by E.M. Bannock


GENRE: Modern Adult Romance W/Erotic Elements



Marie Trousdale, a modern urban California professional, is ready for a change when she realizes that she has been mourning her late husband and son for the past 10 years and her life has become stagnant. She hires Will Townsend, a rural Oregon contractor, to build a house for her on inherited property. The two mix like oil and water but the romance spark gets ignited. But will lifestyles, and values become an obstacle that cannot be overcome? Will misunderstandings and danger put out the flame of love or feed it? This steamy romance is a story of love, life, values, and family with a western flavor.

Totally Devoted is the first novel by author E.M. Bannock and was a 2019 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award Finalist in both the Contemporary Romance 56K Words and up category and Best First Book. Audio Book is now available.



Marie regained her composure. “You’re right,” she said and pulled herself away from him. What was she thinking? He didn’t feel the same way about her. He was just as distant as ever. But what was that she had felt growing beneath his jeans as he embraced her? If he wanted to kiss her, he would have, right? And if he didn’t…well, maybe it was just a fold in the material. She breathed a sigh of relief that she had not made a complete and total fool of herself by kissing him.

They rode in silence the rest of the afternoon, each silently thinking, What if?



Where Do You Find Inspiration?

Inspiration is funny thing. I’m lucky. I have a vivid imagination. I can get inspiration from simple objects; a song, a look, an action. I’ve even been known to write something on a challenge.

The ideas for my books come from subtle unexpected things. I live in an area that is strongly influenced by the Indigenous Peoples who lived here. I felt such an immediate kindship with them that my current work in progress has an Indigenous main character.

I also live in a very beautiful area. It’s very quiet and peaceful. This area plays strongly in my current work as well. That was the case with Totally Devoted. My husband and I lived in Oregon for several years. We used to ride horses in the very areas I describe as Marie and Wil ride their horses through.

I was a project manager for a software company at the time and traveled around the country. It was the perfect occupation for Marie Trousdale. My husband is contractor. I want to say just like Wil Townsend, but let’s just say, they’re a lot alike.

The sheer beauty of the places I’ve lived in inspires me to write about them and share the experience with as many people as I can. I know that not everyone can ride horses in Oregon, Montana, or Wyoming, but I hope that my descriptions of them fills your imagination with their feel and look.

As far as my characters go, I just look around. Even out here in a rural area you find strange and unusual people that have personalities to match. Although, most of the characters in Totally Devoted are based on family and friends.

Much of what I describe and tell about is inspired by real events in my life. There’s always a bit of the author in a book but Totally Devoted has more of me than my others.

The villain, Morty, is not based on one particular person but on many of his type I’ve met through the years. I didn’t like them in real life and I don’t like the Morty character in Totally Devoted. Writing his dialogue and describing the horrible things that he does was the hardest part of the book creation. I had to put myself in his head and become him. I didn’t like being there. But I had to so that my readers hate him as much as I do.

I’ll share one last inspirational place at my house. I have two horses and chickens in our barn. Rain or shine they have to be fed in the morning and evening. It’s my job to do it. The barn isn’t far away from the house, maybe a couple of hundred feet. I feed them at the same time every day, no matter what the season. That means sometimes it’s dark, sometimes it light, and sometimes it’s everything in between. I’ve seen meteor showers that were so numerous, it looked like an alien invasion. I’ve seen the Milky Way blaze across the sky so brilliantly, it looked like a ribbon in the sky. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, it takes your breath away. I’ve walked through blizzards, sub-zero weather, rain storms, and blasting heat. Sometimes in the winter, after a heavy snow, it gets so cold that the snow freezes hard and small crystals form on the top and glitter like a field of diamonds under the light of the moon as I walk to the barn. My point is, I feel close to the Creator at this time in the morning. I open my mind to the cosmos and experience it. I give thanks for just being here to be in it. And sometimes I’m rewarded with an inspiration, a resolution to a storyline conundrum, or a character enhancement to make the readers identify with him/her more.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time from your busy day to read my crazy thoughts. I hope you enjoyed my post. I also hope you are excited to buy and read my book, Totally Devoted, now in audio book format. There’s lots of sex, and romance. But it’s also about relationships, family, trust, and love. I know you’ll like it.

Thank you to Fabulous and Brunette. This is the third time I’ve had a tour stop here and I’ve enjoyed writing the guest posts every time. Thanks again.



E.M. Bannock grew up in the Detroit suburbs in the 50’s and 60’s. Her father was a great story teller and E.M. says she inherited his imagination. After graduation, E.M. moved to Los Angeles, California where she met her husband. They have lived in California, Oregon, Alaska, Florida, and Wyoming, where she now lives with her small family which includes a spoiled dog and cat, two horses, also spoiled, and a brood of chickens that live like queens in the chicken-coupe-de-ville.

She has made her living as an office manager, computer programmer/analysts, project manager, clothing store clerk, substitute teacher, and buffalo meat packer. Throughout it all, she never lost her love for writing.

A small inheritance from her father gave her the funds needed to begin her career as a published author. She has published two books. Her first book, Totally Devoted, which is now available in audio, was a 2019 National Excellence in Romance Fiction finalist in two categories; Contemporary Romance 65K Words and Up, and Best First Book. Her second book Zoey’s Place was published in 2019.

E.M. Bannock is a Goodreads Author, a BookHub Author, a member of the Romance Writers of America, and a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer.



Check out these fabulous pics of E.M., her family, her home, her adorable furbabies, and the inspiration behind her latest book!!!

"Here is a selection of pictures from various places close to me and Totally Devoted."

E.M., her husband, and their adorable kitty!!

E.M.’s super cute puppy, Jenna looking stylish in yellow!!

"These are pictures of my horses and Oregon, where the book takes place."

E.M.’s adorable horse Buddy!!

E.M.’s beautiful horses stopping by for a photo opp!!

Awwww!!  They are soooo photogenic!!

Lots of TLC!!!

This is still my (FAB's) favorite pic so I absolutely had to include it in today’s post!!  Soooooo adorable!!  E.M.’s super sweet horses, Buddy and Doc!!

Beautiful, rustic pics of Oregon ~ And the inspiration and setting of "Totally Devoted"

Oregon has some of the best hidden gems that are perfect for getting away from all the city lights and loud noise

And of course, some of the more famous, well known spots, like breathtaking Crater Lake!!

"The hoary frost and winter pictures are right here in Wyoming, as are the pictures of the creek and the beautiful sunrises."

And as we head down the creek, we arrive in Wyoming, E.M.’s current home state

Gorgeous fall shot!!!

Beautiful mountains and wide open spaces…  Definitely make Wyoming sooooo stunning and inspirational!!!

Ohhhh, but it certainly gets cold here in Wyoming!!!

All PC’s – E.M. Bannock









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  2. E.M. ~ Good morning! Welcome back! It is so great to have you here again! Congrats on your new book and good luck on the book tour! :)

    P.S. ~ Not sure if you got my email the other day? But I hope you are pleased with the post and pictures setup? I tried to include as many as you sent as I truly think this is such a special way for readers to get to know their favorite authors better - so thanks for sending them! Hope the captions were okay :)

    1. Everything looks great and the captions are perfect. I enjoy sharing the beauty of the places I've been and my family. I always enjoy this stop.