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Monday, February 6, 2017

Congrats New England Patriots!!

Congrats to the Patriots!!  What an exciting game!!  I really was shocked by the start and thought Atlanta might actually pull it off.

Wow!!  So many new records were set!! Such as, this was the first time a Super Bowl has gone into Overtime; Tom Brady is the first quarterback in NFL history to win five Super Bowls and to be named MVP four times, and so many more!

Check out this more extensive list of these other exciting new records set and new tied records below:

New Super Bowl Records Set:

Super Bowl appearances by a player: 7 – Tom Brady

Super Bowl appearances by a head coach: 7 – Bill Belichick

Wins by a head coach: 5 – Bill Belichick

Wins by a starting quarterback: 5 – Tom Brady

Super Bowl MVP awards: 4 – Tom Brady

Points in a game: 20 – James White

Career passes: 309 – Tom Brady

Pass attempts in a game: 62 – Tom Brady

Career completions: 207 – Tom Brady

Completions in a game: 43 – Tom Brady

Career passing yards: 2,071 – Tom Brady

Single-game passing yards: 466 – Tom Brady

Career touchdown passes: 15 – Tom Brady

Receptions in a game: 14 – James White

Team Super Bowl appearances: 9 – New England

Largest deficit overcome by the winning team: 25 points – New England

Games taken to overtime: 1 – New England vs. Atlanta

Points by a team in overtime: 6 – New England

Team first downs in a game: 37 – New England

Total first downs in a game: 54 – New England vs. Atlanta

Team passing first downs in a game: 26 – New England

Total passing first downs in a game: 39 – New England vs. Atlanta

Offensive plays by a team in a game: 93 – New England

Passes by a team in a game: 63 – New England

Completions by a team in a game: 43 – New England

Passing yards by a team in a game: 442 – New England

Total passing yards in a game: 682 – New England vs. Atlanta

New Super Bowl Records Tied:

Wins by a player: 5 – Tom Brady

Touchdowns in a game: 3 – James White

Single-game two-point conversions: 1 – James White, Danny Amendola

Sacks in a game (since 1982): 3 – Grady Jarrett

Single-game two-point conversions by a team: 2 – New England

Total two-point conversions in a game: 2 – New England vs. Atlanta

First downs by penalty in a game: 4 – New England

Wow!!  Those are some very impressive new records from The New England Patriots!!  It definitely proves why the Patriots played in and won Super Bowl 51!!

Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Were you rooting for the Patriots?  Or the Falcons?


  1. Yay, Patriots! I'm not even that into football, but I was thrilled--great game!

    1. I thought falcons were going to win for sure, but they threw the game, disappointing for falcon fans.