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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Godiva Chocolates - 12 pc. Signature Truffle Gift Box - Red - Product Review

I received this fabulous box of Godiva Truffles from a friend.  These truffles were so delicious I decided to do a review and share with you all the mouth watering details!

**Warning!!  Reading this post will most likely cause drooling!!**

Here is a breakdown review of each truffle in the 12 pc. Signature Truffle Gift Box - Red from Godiva.

(Image from Godiva)

Hazelnut Crunch Truffle:

“Hazelnut praliné and crunchy hazelnuts and crispies in a milk chocolate shell topped with crunchy nut pieces.” (Godiva)

“New flavor! We're famous for our hazelnut praline, and our Hazelnut Crunch truffle proves why. Rich, creamy hazelnut praline blended with crunchy hazelnuts and crispies achieves textural perfection inside a shell of pure milk chocolate topped with crunchy nut pieces.” (Godiva)

Wow!  This was my favorite truffle in this box!  This truffle has the perfect combo of chocolate and hazelnut praline.  Also, loved the crispies for a nice crunch!  Beyond delicious!

(Image from Godiva)

Creme Brulee Truffle:

“Dark chocolate and vanilla ganache in a white chocolate shell, finished with candied sugar.” (Godiva)

This was my third favorite truffle in the box!  It was a perfect add-in to this box as it was completely different from the other truffles.  The vanilla ganache and white chocolate was a nice change up to munch on in-between the milk and dark chocolate truffles.  Crème Brulee is one of my favorite coffee flavors at Starbucks so I was very excited to try this truffle to see how similar it would be.  Of course, there is no coffee in this truffle, but it still had a similar taste to the Starbucks drink.  Very delicious truffle!

(Image from Godiva)

Milk Chocolate Truffle:

“Creamy milk chocolate ganache in a milk chocolate shell.” (Godiva)

“Creamy milk chocolate ganache accented with bits of solid chocolate in a milk chocolate shell.” (Godiva)

Although this is a more common and classic truffle; it was still quite delicious.  This truffle was very rich and creamy.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

(Image from Godiva)

Salted Caramel Truffle:

“Soft caramel blended with gourmet sea salt in a dark chocolate shell.” (Godiva)

“New flavor! A prime of example of why salt and caramel make such a perfect pair. Our Salted Caramel truffle features luxuriously soft caramel blended with gourmet sea salt nestled inside a dark chocolate shell.” (Godiva)

This was another favorite truffle in the box.  I love anything caramel and this truffle definitely hit the mark!  This truffle was creamy, gooey, and velvety.  This truffle melted in my mouth!  So delicious!

(Image from Godiva)

Strawberry Tarte Truffle:

“Strawberry purée and vanilla mousse in a white chocolate shell.” (Godiva)

This truffle was my second least favorite in the box.  It was somewhat delicious, but was quite tart and sour.  I love almost everything strawberry, so I was really sad and surprised to not care for this truffle.  However, many of the high quality natural chocolates have a bit of a bitter taste and I would say this truffle hits the mark on that.  There was nothing wrong with this truffle; it just wasn’t a flavor I preferred.

(Image from Godiva)

Milk Chocolate Mousse Truffle:

“Chocolate mousse in a milk chocolate shell.” (Godiva)

This truffle was very soft, creamy, and silky.   I liked that the mousse was light, fluffy, and lush.  Very heavenly and tasty!

(Image from Godiva)

Dark Chocolate Truffle:

“Traditional dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell.” (Godiva)

This chocolate is another common and classic truffle; but it still was very delicious.  I prefer milk chocolate to dark chocolate, but these truffles were so rich, creamy, and fluffy.  This truffle was very enjoyable!

(Image from Godiva)

Aztec Spice Truffle:

“New Flavor! Dark chocolate ganache flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, and exotic spices inspired by an ancient Aztec recipe, all in a dark chocolate shell sprinkled with red cocoa. An unprecedented pairing of sweet and heat, our Aztec Spice truffle is revolutionary.” (Godiva)

Unfortunately, this was my least favorite truffle in the box and I did not finish eating it.  I love new chocolate flavors, especially crazy, wild combinations.  Sadly, this truffle had way too much spice as it tasted very hot and had quite a burning after taste.  Perhaps this truffle would be better if there was less spice or more vanilla to even out the flavor.  However, if you like spicy, hot chocolate, this truffle is for you!

(Image from Godiva)

Salted Almond Truffle:

“New flavor! Our ode to almonds, the Salted Almond truffle is absolutely amazing. Creamy almond praline tucked inside a pure milk chocolate shell topped with crunchy, salt-roasted almonds.” (Godiva)

This truffle was another top favorite in the box!  I love the nuts and chocolate combination.  I feel like I’m eating something healthy lol.  This truffle was very delicious with the perfect amount of chocolate and almonds.  I really liked that the almonds were toasted and crisp.  So yummy!

Overall Review:

This 12 pc. Signature Truffle Gift Box – Red from Godiva was truly luxurious and delectable.  I was very impressed with this selection of truffles and the high quality taste.  This Signature Box had a large variety of truffles that offered a well blend of chocolates.  Although these chocolates had many differences they all seemed to go well together as they complemented each other.  My favorite truffles out this box were the Hazelnut Crunch Truffle, the Crème Brulee Truffle, the Salted Almond Truffle, and the Salted Caramel Truffle.  There was only one truffle I did not like and did not finish eating it.  This truffle was the Aztec Spice Truffle.  It was too spicy and hot; and had a strong after taste.  There was one other truffle that I ate, but didn’t care for, the Strawberry Tarte Truffle.  It was more tart and bitter than I prefer.  Out of a box of twelve truffles there were only two I did not like.  So this Signature Box was perfect for me!  These truffles were so delicious and exquisite!  I absolutely recommend this product, 12 pc. Signature Truffle Gift Box – Red from Godiva as it high quality chocolate, great variety of truffles, and extremely luscious!  These truffles melt in your mouth!  It’s like being on a chocolate cloud nine lol! 

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Have you tried Godiva chocolates before?  Which Godiva chocolate is your favorite?  Which Godiva chocolate from above do you most want to try?

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  1. oh wow! I didn't know they had so many flavors to choose from, its been awhile since I had a little money to treat myself to some of these, I am going to have to make room for these.

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  9. I can only imagine how tasty this is! I love Godiva chocolates, but I don't buy them often.

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