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Monday, April 6, 2015

Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic Review

***I received this product for free using Tomoson.com.  However, my review, opinions, and thoughts are my own.  I only recommend products that I trust, personally use, and believe will be good for my readers***

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Product Intro:

Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic is a more complete heart health dietary supplement that provides the full American Heart Association daily dietary recommendation of omega-3 which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease plus the probiotic L. reuteri NCIMB 30242, which supports normal cholesterol levels and inflammatory response.

Product Details:

COMBAT HEART DISEASE - Omega-3 essential fatty acids are a critical nutrient in the fight against heart disease. Improve and maintain heart health with your daily recommended intake of omega-3 and probiotics to reduce risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

DIGESTION & IMMUNE SUPPORT - Immune support starts in the gut, where the gastrointestinal tract begins the process of nutrient absorption. Probiotics restore bacteria for optimal immune and digestive health, helping to control yeast and candida growth.

HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE & CHOLESTEROL - Plaque buildup in arteries increases risk of cardiac events like heart attack and stroke. Omega-3 fatty acids lower triglyceride (blood fat) levels and support healthy blood pressure and normal inflammatory responses.

INCREASE GOOD BACTERIA, DECREASE BAD BACTERIA - Probiotics help maintain healthy a bacterial balance that works to prevent stomach disease and maintain immune health. Allergies, bloating, gas, and constipation controlled on daily basis with healthy bile metabolism.

SUPPORT HEART & STOMACH - Microbiome Plus+ Heart strengthens cardiovascular health with high-quality omega-3 essential fatty acids and probiotics for a complete microbiome environment throughout the digestive system.

My Review:

As a health major I strongly believe in preventative medicine.  It is so important to take care of your body and prepare for the worst.  Every fall/winter I get my flu shot.  I take vitamins every day.  So it’s not a far jump to add a probiotic and Omega-3.  I have been taking Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic daily for the last three weeks.  

Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic comes in a white and pink medicine box.  The probiotic is a small, white capsule.  The Omega-3 is a large, yellow soft gel.  It is recommended that these pills be taken twice daily with meals.  Every morning with breakfast I took one probiotic capsule and one Omega-3 soft gel.  Then either at lunch or dinner time, depending on my schedule I would take one more probiotic capsule and one more Omega-3 soft gel.  I really liked that the directions only suggested twice a day and didn’t specify at a certain time or certain meal to be taken with.  This really helps if you have a busy schedule and can’t always get away at a specific time to take the medications.

I really like that this product, Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic is like a double combo fighter against heart disease and it helps with digestion and immune support.

This product, Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic, significantly helps reduce the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke while also increasing good bacteria and decreasing bad bacteria to prevent stomach disease.

I do not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol; however, some members in my family have suffered from heart conditions.  Therefore, I feel it’s important with a family history to take the preventative approach.

I like that this product has helped reduced bloating and constipation.  I feel like my tummy has been more settled and calm after taking this product.

I really like that this product has boosted my immune system.  I have a very low immune system that is easily compromised so I need all the extra immune support I can get.

I would recommend Microbiome Plus+ Heart Probiotic to everyone that has a heart condition or has a family history of heart disease or wants to increase their chance of not suffering from heart disease.  If taking the soft gel twice a day could help prevent you from suffering from heart disease, it is definitely worth taking.  In addition, this product comes with a probiotic that also helps prevent stomach disease and maintains immune health.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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