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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lucca's Lust by SJ Molloy

Lucca's Lust by SJ Molloy
Lucca’s Lust - Book 3 of The Luminara Series. This is the ultimate romantic love story. This is the most tragic love story.
Lucca’s words. Lucca’s heart. Lucca’s Life. Lucca’s lust.
  • Lucca’s Lust is a full length novel based on Lussuria, book 1 in the Luminara series from Lucca’s point of view. It also contains exclusive advance chapters form Luminoso, book 4, in his words, and a bonus chapter, Lucca’s Interview.

Most men feel lust. Some men fall in love. A few men find their light. I found it all. I am that man. I have her.
She walked into my life. My dolcezza. My life. My girl. My brightness. My something special and everything else in between. Breath stealing. Heart touching. Soul searching. Sexual goddess. She is everything. She deserves everything. I give her me. All of me.
You think you can feel lust? You think you can fall in love? You think you can see the light?
You cannot. You do not have her. She’s mine.
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